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ArxZyme Total N - Dry Formula

ArxZyme Total N - Dry Formula

ArxZyme Total N - Dry Formula
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ArxZyme Total N is designed to quickly uptake and digest TN, TKN, and accelerate ammonia to nitrite, nitrate conversions for your Total N removal needs. Our dry blend is shelf-stable for at least 24 months in low humidity and cool storage conditions (room temperature 25C). The dry blend is ideal for long-term reinforcement of nitrogen removal species.

We also offer liquid blend for fast-acting results. Ideal for washout events and cold weather applications. >>link to Nitrifiers<<

How We Engineered It
The ArxZyme Total N is a high-strength dry/liquid blend of organic feed seeded with a variety of probiotic enzymes and bacterial strains with nitrogen redox capabilities in wastewater treatment processes. The blend is specifically designed to overcome the initial lag phase and reach the stationary phase of bacterial life cycle in reduced time.

Seeding of Tertiary Denitrification Filters
Total N, TKN Removal
Cold Weather Nitrogen Removal

Improved Ammonia to Nitrate Conversion
Complete Nitrite and Nitrate Conversion
Intensify Anoxic Activity and Denitrification 
Improve TN, TKN Removal
Improve Nitrifier Growth and Flocculation
Cold Weather Nitrogen Removal

Accompanying Biostimulants
ArxZyme BioStim
ArxZyme pH Adjust
ArxZyme O2

Recommended Analysis
BOD: Nitrogen: Phosphorus Ratio
Inhibition Panel
Oxygen Uptake
Nitrogen Panel (TKN, Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrite)

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