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ArxZyme Nitrifiers - Liquid Formula

ArxZyme Nitrifiers - Liquid Formula

ArxZyme Nitrifiers - Liquid Formula
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ArxZyme Nitrifiers is the industry-leading liquid nitrifying bacteria blend. The ultra-high-strength blend contains high strength Nitrosomonas, Nitrobacter, plus 6 proprietary strains of nitrogen redox bacteria that promote complete nitrification.

At 1200 mg/l/hr. ammonia nitrogen removal rate, ArxZyme Nitrifiers is the most efficient nitrification product on the market. Liquid blend is fast-acting and is ideal for quick start-up or reseeding post washout events.

Shelf-stable Total N blend is also available for long-term treatment health maintenance and storage. >>link<<

How We Engineered It
The ArxZyme Nitrifiers is a high-strength liquid blend of a variety of probiotic enzymes and bacterial strains that has shown strong nitrification activities in wastewater treatment processes. The blend is specifically designed to overcome the initial lag phase and reach the stationary phase of the bacterial life cycle in reduced time.

Start-Up of Nitrifying Systems
Improved TKN, Ammonia removal
Reseeding of Nitrifiers to Inhibited Processes
Maintenance Inoculation of Short SRT Systems

Quick Seeding of Nitrifying Organisms
Improved Total Nitrogen Removal

Accompanying Biostimulants
ArxZyme BioStim
ArxZyme Nutrient Pack
ArxZyme pH Adjust
ArxZyme O2

Recommended Analysis
BOD: Nitrogen: Phosphorus Ratio
Inhibition Panel
Oxygen Uptake
Health Panel (COD, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, pH, TSS)

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