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ArxZyme Lagoon Research - Dry Formula

ArxZyme Lagoon Research - Dry Formula

ArxZyme Lagoon Research - Dry Formula
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ArxZyme Lagoon Research Pond is specifically designed to be easy-to-apply and long-lasting in shallow water facilities that remain one of the most common types of wastewater treatment facilities in the world. The ArxZyme Lagoon Research is a blend of bacteria and enzymes that work to effectively reduce BOD, nutrient levels, scum and grease caps, sludge levels, and control algal growth. Ideal for the following situations in your systems:

  • Aging Infrastructure reaching treatment capacity
  • Unable to meet nutrient discharge limits
  • Inefficient BOD Removal
  • Algae overgrowth
  • Low dissolved oxygen (DO) and/or low transfer efficiency
  • Filamentous bulking
  • Grease Caps and Scum Accumulation
  • Cold Weather*

*We also offer ArxZyme Cold Weather for low-temperature treatments as a booster to ArxZyme Lagoon Research. Ideal for facilities facing upsets of biological treatment and nitrification during cold seasons. >>Link<<

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