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ArxZyme FOG - Liquid Formula

ArxZyme FOG - Liquid Formula

ArxZyme FOG - Liquid Formula
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The ArxZyme FOG is our patented blend of bacteria and enzymes designed to effectively break down soluble and insoluble fat, grease, and oil into biodegradable formats for downstream treatment. The ArxZyme FOG is designed to perform complete bioconversion of FOG and prevents emulsification which causes clogs, backups and foaming in the treatment systems.

Ideal for conventional activated sludge processes, equalization tanks and collection systems.

How We Engineered It
Fat, grease and oil are composed of long carbon chains with strong hydrophobic properties. Surfactants (such as soap and DSMO) may be able to break apart the FOG into smaller droplets (emulsify) but do not necessarily break down the carbon chains. We have selected a few enzymes and bacterial strains that are able to digest FOG and transform the long carbon chains into smaller molecules for other microbes to utilize.

Activated Sludge Process receiving FOG
Lift Stations and Grease Traps
Collection Systems
Equalization Tanks

Biologically Degrade FOG
Improve Oxygen Transfer in Activated Sludge Processes
Prevention of Clogs and Blockages
Prevent Filamentous Growth and Foaming

Accompanying Biostimulants
ArxZyme BioStim
ArxZyme Filament and Nocardia

Recommended Analysis
Oil and Grease 
Health Panel (COD, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, pH, TSS)

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