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ArxZyme Dairy - Dry Formula

ArxZyme Dairy - Dry Formula

ArxZyme Dairy - Dry Formula
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High protein/ammonia, FOG, carbon, fluctuant nutrient levels, and inadequate C: N:P ratio are typical issues in dairy wastewater that contribute to foaming and filamentous growth. ArxZyme Dairy is a synergistic blend that accelerates the degradation of protein and FOG, controls foaming and filamentous growth, improves flocculation and sludge settleability, and boosts overall nutrient removal efficiency. 

How We Engineered It

The ArxZyme Dairy is a high-strength blend of organic feed seeded with a variety of probiotic enzymes and bacterial strains that optimizes FOG and nitrogen removal to improve C:N:P ratio, control foaming and filamentous growth. The blend is specifically designed to overcome the initial lag phase and reach the stationary phase of the bacterial life cycle in reduced time.


Dairy wastewater

Equalization Basin

Activated Sludge


Reduce BOD

Reduce nitrogen

Reduce FOG and foaming

Reduce Filamentous growth

Improve oxygen uptake rate

Limit Inhibition and Toxicity from Cleaners Used within the Dairy Processes

Improve Nutrient Removal

Flocculation and Improved Settling

Accompanying Biostimulants

ArxZyme BioStim

ArxZyme Nutrient Pack

Recommended Analysis

BOD: Nitrogen: Phosphorus Ratio


Inhibition Panel


Oxygen Uptake

Health Panel (COD, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, pH, TSS)

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