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ArxZyme Brewery - Liquid Formula

ArxZyme Brewery - Liquid Formula

ArxZyme Brewery - Liquid Formula
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High carbon loading, fluctuant nutrient levels, and inadequate C: N:P ratio are typical issues in brewery wastewater that often lead to problematic filamentous growth. ArxZyme Brewery combines over 42 bacterial strains and enzymes to tackle these challenging conditions. The synergistic blend works to control carbon levels and filamentous growth, improve flocculation and sludge settleability, and boost overall nutrient removal efficiency. With decades of process engineering experience in the brewery industry, ArxZyme Brewery is our latest development to optimize the biological treatment of brewery wastewater. 

How We Engineered It
The ArxZyme Brewery is a high-strength blend of organic feed seeded with a variety of probiotic enzymes and bacterial strains that optimizes heterotrophic growth to control carbon levels and filamentous growth. The blend is specifically designed to overcome the initial lag phase and reach the stationary phase of the bacterial life cycle in reduced time.

Equalization Basin
Activated Sludge
Tertiary Filtration
To reduce high concentration of BOD
Improve Settling and Reduce Filament Growth

Reduce BOD
Limit Inhibition and Toxicity from Cleaners Used within the Brewery
Improve Nutrient Removal
Flocculation and Improved Settling

Accompanying Biostimulants
ArxZyme BioStim
ArxZyme Nutrient Pack

Recommended Analysis
BOD: Nitrogen: Phosphorus Ratio
Inhibition Panel
Oxygen Uptake
Health Panel (COD, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, pH, TSS)

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