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ArxZyme BioReinforcement - Liquid Formula

ArxZyme BioReinforcement - Liquid Formula

ArxZyme BioReinforcement - Liquid Formula
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Perfect for rapid start-up or reseeding activated sludge and fixed film processes, ArxZyme BioReinforcement is a versatile blend of bacteria and enzymes that introduces essential mixed liquor strains, phosphorus accumulating organisms (PAOs) and nitrifiers (AOBs, NOBs) to improve overall biological treatment efficiency.

Bypass sludge hauling and simply apply recommended dosage of ArxZyme BioReinforcement without the risk of importing filamentous bacteria, inhibitory compounds, or strains not suited for your waste stream.

How we Engineered It

The ArxZyme BioReinforcement is a high-strength dry/liquid blend of organic feed seeded with a variety of probiotic enzymes and bacterial strains found in anaerobic, anoxic and aerobic zones of wastewater treatment processes. The blend is specifically designed to overcome the initial lag phase and reach the stationary phase of bacterial life cycle in reduced time.


Process Start-Up
Reseed Post Toxic Event
Process Stability and Robustness Improvements
Biological treatment efficiency improvements


Fast process Start-Up
Quickly build Biological Inventory
Jump start Biological Nutrient Removal
Improve flocculation
Improve sludge settling
Avoid Costly Sludge Hauling and seeding
Eliminated the Risk of Filaments and Inhibitory Compounds that can come from other Facilities’ sludge

Accompanying Biostimulants

ArxZyme BioStim
ArxZyme Nutrient Pack
ArxZyme pH Adjust
ArxZyme O2

Recommended Analysis

BOD: Nitrogen: Phosphorus Ratio
Inhibition Panel
Oxygen Uptake

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